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Spectropod® UV

Spectropod® UV

Spectropod® UV is  a microvolume spectrophotometer for nucleic acid and protein measurements.


Microvolume Spectrophotometer

  • Supports 260 nm, 280 nm and 340 nm
  • Only 2.5 μL sample volume
  • Recalibration and Maintenance Free
  • Small Footprint
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Intuitive Software
  • No Warm Up Time
  • Battery Powered (Lithium Ion)


The Spectropod® is Tip Biosystems latest product family.

The Spectropod® UV is a microvolume spectrophotometer supporting 260 nm, 280 nm and 340 nm for nucleic acid (DNA, RNA, etc.) and protein measurements. The instrument has a small footprint and is portable as it’s powered by a lithium ion battery. It can be placed directly in the hood or whereever it is needed in the laboratory.


Unparalleled Simplicity

Insert Sample – Measure

The sample is held between the tips by surface tension


Robust Design

Fixed LED light source & No Moving Optical Parts

The Spectropod® UV is calibrations and maintenance free


Wireless Connectivity

Effortless Data Transfer

Instantaneous results on your mobile device via Bluetooth



  • Nucleic acid Concentration at 260 nm
  • Nucleic Acid Purity at 260/280 Ratio
  • Protein Concentration at 280 nm
  • Background Correction at 340 nm


Spectropod® Software

  • Recalibration and Maintenance Free
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Sample Documentation via Camera
  • No Warm Up Time
  • Results within 2 Seconds
  • Battery Powered (~ 20.000 measurements per charge)


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