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  • MiCareo : MiCareo is pushing beyond the limits of current liquid biopsy technologies by providing high purity isolated live rare cells and automated multiplexed fluorescence imaging. We are building technologies to accelerate the way pharmaceutical companies monitor drug response & screen for drug effectiveness, and giving researchers the tools to find new correlations in biomarker expression using fully quantitative visual subtyping of each cell.


  • MetaSci : MetaSci is specialized in providing high quality libraries of small molecule compounds for various research application. We offer the widest collection of human metabolites in our Human Metabolome Library (HML) which is comprised of ~1,200 human metabolites and metabolic intermediates. Our libraries can be used in many applications such as high-throughput screening (HTS), quantitative metabolomics, metabolic pathway analysis, food analysis , environmental analysis, instrument calibration, peak identification and quantification, and analytical method development using Mass Spectrometry, NMR or other analysis methods. The libraries are available either in 5-10 mg powder in auto-sampler amber vials. 


  • MagBio Genomics : MagBio Genomics develops and commercializes magnetic bead-based kits for nucleic acid isolation & purification as well as products that allow integrity of bio-samples at room temperature.


  • ADVY Chemical : Advy Chemical, set up in 1991,has been an indigenous and innovative pioneer in thedevelopment of polyclonal antibodies and native human antigens, andmanufacturing of finished reagents in the In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry.We are listed in the EU TRACES database for exporting the antisera products toEU.Our QMS is compliant with ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 Standard.


  • GeneAid : Geneaid is a leading producer of DNA/RNA Purification products for plasmid DNA purification, genomic DNA purification, virus DNA/RNA purification, gel extraction/PCR clean-up, total RNA purification and magnetic bead genomic DNA, RNA, viral DNA/RNA purification as well as high-throughput 96-Well DNA/RNA extraction. While serving the needs of the global biotechnology industry for 10 years, Geneaid has expanded its international distribution network to over 40 countries and continues adding to its long list of esteemed business partnerships around the world.


  • IBI Scientific : IBI Scientific is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturer of Life Science Research Products including laboratory equipment such as the Belly Dancer Shaker, IBI electrophoresis products, IBI Molecular Biology reagents, and many other high quality Life Science Research products. IBI strives to manufacture high quality products and provide industry leading customer service through continuous process improvement in every aspect of our business.


  • MAWI DNA : Mawi's innovative non-invasive and invasive biosample collection technologies are designed for room temperature transport and storage with OMICS in mind ... Less Sample, More Answers! Our Mission is to offer simple and easy to use tools for the collection and stabilization of an array of biological samples from the point of collection to processing in Genomics, Proteomics and metabolomics assays, including but not limited to: -Oral samples (e.g. buccal cells) -Whole Blood -Tissue - Mammalian Cells -Body fluids -Microbial samples from different sources (e.g. feces, urine, vaginal, skin, soil etc....) Mawi DNA Technologies’ vision is to uphold sample integrity from anywhere in the world with innovative technology that promotes sample collection diversity.


  • TIPBIOSYSTEMS : "Tip Biosystems was founded in Singapore in 2014. The company aims to make Photopette® device available for the global markets at “Markets in late 2017”. The Photopette® is aimed at revolutionizing application workflows in key industries where UV-Vis measurements are routinely performed."

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