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Photopette® Cell

Photopette® Cell

Photopette® Cell

Supports 340 nm, 570 nm & 600 nm


The Photopette® Cell UV-Vis spectrophotometer is an easy to use device dedicated for measurements at 340 nm, 570 nm and 600 nm wavelengths. The device supports a wide range of applications. For example, Bradford protein assays, mammalian cell/spirulina/yeast and E.coli cell density, determination of lactate or ethanol or other enzymatic assays based on the NADH/NAD system.

The Photopette® Cell is a handheld device controlled via an app run on a smartphone or tablet computer.  Being powered by a long lasting lithium battery makes it highly portable and convenient to use in life science laboratories.

The Photopette system (Photopette, CuveTip & App) is designed for a sampling free workflow, thus increases efficiency and decreases the risk of cross-contamination.

The common workflow in spectrophotometry is that samples are transferred into a cuvette and the cuvette is then placed into a spectrophotometer. The Photopette however simplifies this workflow. The user picks up a CuveTip with the device and directly immerses the tip into the sample. The sample solution then enters a cavity of the CuveTip and with a click on the device or app the measurement value is displayed on your screen. This makes direct measurements without sample transfer possible.


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Photopette® Cell Kit

Photopette® device (supports 340 nm, 570 nm & 600 nm)
Photopette® stand holder
CuveTip™ Box
CuveTip™ Ejector Box
88 disposable CuveTips™
USB connection cable and quick start guide



Relevant Application Notes


Determination of Lactate Concentration


Measering Cell-Viability by Resazurin Assay


Yeast Cell Count


E.coli Cell Count


Protein Measurement using Bradford Assay


Determination of Ethanol in Alcoholic Beverages

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