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Photopette® Aqua

Photopette® Aqua

Photopette® Aqua

For Ammonium, Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate And More

  • Geo-tagging Embedded In Measurement Data
  • Measure Anywhere & Directly In The Sample
  • Sample Documentation Via Camera


Photopette® Aqua colorimeter features make it ideal for water testing in the lab, but also in the field; waterproof, dustproof, very durable, long-lasting battery and unlimited data logging. Intuitive and easy to use software allow anyone with minimum training to use it. It comes with five inbuilt calibrations for Merck Spectroquant® water test kits and can measure a total of 18 analytes from the Spectroquant® family. 


Supported Inbuild Calibrations


AnalyteConcentration as ionReagent Links
Nitrate1 – 110 mg/l NO3–Nitrate Test (114773)
Nitrite0.01 – 1.5 mg/L NO2–Nitrite Test (114776)
Ammonium0.01 – 0.8 mg/L NH4+Ammonium Test (114752)
Phosphate3 – 300 mg/L PO43-Phosphate Test (100798)
(free chlorine)
0.01 – 9.00 mg/l Cl2Chlorine Test (100598)



Compatible Spectroquant Tests



Arsenic Test (1.01747)Cadmium Test (1.01745)Cyanuric Acid Test (1.19253)
Lead Test (1.09717)Monochloramine Test (1.01632)Sulfate Test (1.02537)
Aluminum Test (1.14825)Bromine Test (1.00605)Chromate Test (1.14758)
Gold Test (1.14821)Ozone Test (1.00607)


Other Compatible Tests

Chlorophyll aColor 525Nickel Bath Test
Platinum Test 


Photopette® App

Key Features

  • GPS, Photo, Notes, Date/Time Embedded In Data Files
  • Google Maps Overlay Of Data
  • Inbuilt Applications/Calibrations
  • 'Method Maker' Feature For Custom User Calibrations
  • Data Export as CSV file Via E-Mail Or Cloud


Technical Specifications (CLICK)





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