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Model Number IB53000


  • Item Description
  • Gel Dimensions: 10.0 cm (wide)x 15.0 cm (long)
  • Maximum Sample Capacity: 80 samples (4 combs, 20 samples each)
  • Buffer Capacity: 500 ml
  • Distance Between Electrodes: 27.0 cm
  • Maximum Voltage: 200 V
  • Comes with: vented lid, UVT casting tray, casting fixture, two 2.0 mm x 16 tooth combs, bubble level, buffer ports, adjustable feet, and power cords

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IBI’s MP-1015 Multi-Purpose Gel Box (10 x 15 cm) is a general purpose unit for both extended high-resolution linear runs as well as economical quick screens. It is equipped with recirculation ports for procedures requiring buffer recirculation. The MP-1015 IBI electrophoresis unit is constructed of durable cast acrylic, which will withstand high voltages and extreme temperatures without cracking or warping, unlike most molded units. The MP-1015 can be transformed into a quick screening unit with samples resolved in 30-60 minutes. Resolution of restriction digestions, plasmid purification, and ligation reactions are all possible with short runs. The MP-1015 is also compatible with a number of analytical and preparative combs for every horizontal electrophoresis application.

The maximum suggested applied voltage for the electrophoresis of DNA in agarose gels using the MP-1015 is 140 V. In a 1% TBE gel this translates into a run time of approximately one hour. Lower voltages may be used and as a general rule a 70 V run will take twice as long as a 140 V run. Higher voltages may be used to decrease run time. However, if the unit is being operated at higher voltages than 140 V the heat generated during electrophoresis may decrease sample resolution. Such artifacts may be avoided by running the unit in a cold room, recirculating buffer, or adding 1 X electrophoresis buffer “ice cubes” to keep the unit properly cooled. The suggested run parameters for the electrophoresis of RNA in agarose gels containing formaldehyde is 60-80 V.

The IB53000 has a patented vented lid. Patent# 5,779,869.



  • Specifications

Unit dimensions: 7.0 cm (H) x 16.5 cm (W) x 30.5 cm (L)
Gel Dimensions: 10 cm (W) x 15 cm (L)
Max Sample Capacity: 80 samples (4 combs x 20 samples ea.)
Buffer Capacity: 500 ml
Distance between electrodes: 27.0 cm
Max volt.: 200 V


  • Operation Manual

IB53000 - MP-1015 Operation Manual


  • Technical Information



Characteristics of Horizontal Electrophoresis Units IBI horizontal systems are constructed of 3/8” thick cast acrylic, the heaviest in the industry. No warping occurs when the system gets hot, and there are no crazy cracks in the plastic after time. The buffer tank on the IBI systems can be completely re-built, by the end user, in minutes. IBI horizontal systems have a 4-year limited warranty on the buffer tank. IBI horizontal systems allow the user to cast gels OUTSIDE the buffer tank, this is much easier and allows user to cast a gel while a gel is running. IBI systems are 20% less expensive and come with casting system and combs. This info applies to all of IBI horizontal systems against nearly all of our other competitors systems.

Does doing longer runs with the IB53000 flood the table with water? This is a common occurrence while running longer runs. There is heat generated from the electricity flowing through the buffer, which causes the buffer to condensate on the underside of the lid then subsequently run outside the tank. If the tank was leaking, it would have leaked continuously, before the long run. This device when left unattended, the researcher will assume the researcher comes back they find the wet spots around the unit and assume that it’s leaking. This is probably the reason for the excess water. Hope this helped.


  • Parts and Accessories

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  • Combs


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