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iSWAB RNA v2 Collection Kit.

iSWAB RNA v2 Collection Kit.

What It's Used For

Collect – Stabilize – Concentrate – Transport – Store: At Ambient Temperature The iSWAB-RNA-v2 device allows for the non-invasive collection, concentration, and stabilization of intact buccal cells and/or any mammalian cells collected with a swab or cytobrush allowing for real time ambient stabilization of total RNA from the point of collection to processing. Maintaining RNA stability and protecting it from degradation is a significant challenge, while current RNA stabilization methods such as PAXgene, Tempus, RNAgard or dry blood spots require invasive blood collection resulting in low compliance. The need to collect blood results in a very limited shelf life, forcing labs to invest in cold storage infrastructure or commit resources to immediate sample processing. Other options for non-invasive collection also suffer from short shelf life storage as well as low quality and unusable RNA.



Features and Benefits:

  • Swab-free sample transport: Decrease sample processing time without compromising sample integrity
  • Increase process efficiency: Extended shelf life stability (up to 4 weeks at room temp, several years at -20 C and -80 C), reduced processing time, and minimal storage footprint
  • High quality RNA for downstream applications such as RT-PCR, Microarray and RNA-seq for gene expression analysis
  • Room temperature stable: Reduce sample storage and transport costs by eliminating cold chain requirements
  • Self collection or assisted collection in less than 2 minutes: Suitable for all population segments including infants, toddlers, and elderly
  • Traceable and reliable chain of custody: LIMS compatible unique bar­codes included on each collection device for efficient traceability and storage purposes
  • Scalable and easy to process: Manual and automation friendly sample processing



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