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iSWAB Protein Collection Kit.

iSWAB Protein Collection Kit.

What It's Used For

Non-invasive sample collection tube for collection and stabilization of protein and DNA in the same oral sample 

 Oral sample collection has gained widespread acceptance due to its non-invasive nature and because continuous visual contact of the collection process is possible.  Current non-invasive collection products are designed for immediate detection using stick-based technology, but are limited to simple yes/no answers.  If additional data is required, a more robust collection method coupled with high-sensitivity downstream analysis is necessary.


The iSWAB-Protein collection system allows for collection and stabilization of both proteins and DNA at the point of collection. This results in an abundance of material for multiple enzyme based immunoassays as well as genomic based analysis from the same collected sample. This adds another level of chain of custody, allowing the investigator to link the protein analysis with the DNA of the individual that the sample belongs to.

Downstream Applications:

  • Western blotting
  • SDS Page
  • 2D Gel electrophoresis
  • Immunosorbent Assays
  • Mass Spec
  • GCMS
  • DNA Sequencing

The unique and patented design of Mawi DNA Technologies’ iSWAB tubes enables mechanistic release of cells into a proprietary lysis and stabilization buffer, resulting in the recovery of nearly all cells from single or several swabs while significantly minimizing bacterial contamination. iSWAB™ tubes are designed to facilitate self sample collection, sample concentration, transport, extraction, and long term storage at room temperature, all in a single tube. The tubes are suitable for either manual or automated sample preparation on standard liquid handling robotics workstations.

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