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iSWAB DNA Collection Kit. (ISWAB-DNA-1200 and ISWAB-DNA-250)

iSWAB DNA Collection Kit. (ISWAB-DNA-1200 and ISWAB-DNA-250)

What It's Used For

DNA collection kit for humans that can capture samples producing high yields of double stranded, long fragmented DNA from buccal cells using traditional swabs.

Collect-Stabilize-Concentrate-Transport-Extract-Store All in a Single Tube.


  • Simple, fast and convenient sample collection:  Self collection or assisted collection with high simplicity and ease in less than 5 minutes
  • High nucleic acid recovery: Up to 15µg (ISWAB-DNA-250) or 30µg (ISWAB-DNA-1200) of double stranded, long fragment DNA for downstream applications including microarray and NGS
  • Low bacterial genomic DNA contamination: Achieve less than 1% bacterial genomic DNA contamination
  • Swab-free sample transport: Decrease sample processing time without compromising sample integrity
  • Accommodate for sample from various age groups: Suitable for all population segments including infants, toddlers, and elderly
  • Traceable: LIMS compatible unique barcodes included on each iSWAB tube for efficient traceability and storage purposes
  • Room temperature stable: reducing sample storage and transport costs by eliminating cold chain
  • Scalable and easy to process: Manual and automation friendly sample processing.
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