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HighPrep™ PCR Clean-up System

HighPrep™ PCR Clean-up System

HighPrep™ PCR Clean-up System

Magnetic beads based reagent for manual and automated post-PCR and post-enzymatic reaction clean-up, for NGS library clean-up and reliable amplicon size selection.





Post-PCR and post-enzymatic reaction clean-up used for/during:

  • NGS library preparation
  • Amplicon size selection for NGS
  • Microarrays
  • PCR
  • Sanger sequencing
  • Restriction enzyme digestions, adapter ligations
  • Cloning




  • Rapid and reliable post-PCR and post enzymatic reaction clean-up
  • Efficient wash from contaminants
  • High recovery of amplicons >100bp
  • Uniform fragments size distribution
  • Adaptable to high throughput liquid handling workstations

The HighPrep™ PCR Clean-up System is a paramagnetic beads-based post PCR clean-up reagent designed for an efficient purification of DNA fragments and tight size-specific selection of amplicons. The purification consists of removal of salts, primers, primer-dimers, dNTPs, as DNA fragments are selectively bound to the magnetic bead particles. Highly purified DNA is eluted with low salt elution buffer or water which can be used directly for downstream applications, such as library construction, next generation sequencing (NGS), Sanger  sequencing, cloning, restriction digestions, adapoter ligation, microarrays, and so on. This protocol can be used for manual procedure as well as as a guideline for adapting the kit to automatic liquid handling instruments. The HighPrep™ PCR Clean-up Reagent is perfectly suited for amplicon size selection, and NGS library preparation for sequencing as well as for post PCR clean-up of shorter amplicons or restriction enzyme digestion products.

  • Efficient recovery of amplicons achieved with HighPrep™ PCR Clean-up System





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