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Advy has total production & storage area ~ 10,000 sq.ft., dedicated to RDTs


Advy forayed into the development and sale of diagnostic kits in the last decade. It is a short time of marketing the product, Advy ably developed its Malaria and Diagnostic lateral flow assays/rapid diagnostic tests.

Supported by an experienced and knowledgeable team and well equipped production facility, we have produced quality products by refining in-house technologies such as the bio-conjugation of antigens and antibodies with various nano-particles to enhance product performance.

Latex Kits have also been developed in-house and the product performance is on par with leading brands across the world.

State of the Art manufacturing facility comprising Lateral Flow Dispensing Systems, Test Assembly Area with Controlled Dehumidifier (RH-<20%), Semi-automated Assembly and Packing Lines, Automated Vial Dropper Filling and Labeling Facility, Dedicated Stores and Warehouse and a Fully Equipped Quality Control Program in addition to in-house QC protocol.





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