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C Reactive Protein Control

C Reactive Protein Control


C Reactive Protein Control

Product Code : 00-AGN-AP-CRP-003

C reactive protein (CRP) is an annular, pentameric protein found in human plasma whose levels rise in response to inflammation. It is synthesised by the liver in response to factors released by macrophages and fat cells. CRP plays a major role in activating the complement system. It is mainly used as a cardiac and inflammation marker. It is used as a positive control in CPR test kits and also used for the manufacturing of calibrators and controls in various in vitro diagnostic kits.


ParametersAcceptance Criteria
Physical AppearancePale Yellow Clear Solution
CRP Concentration1.0 mg/dl to 100 mg/dl
Storage bufferDefibrinated CRP deficient plasma with Tris Saline containing 15mM NaN3, pH 8.0 ± 0.2
Storage temperature2 to 8˚C
Shelf life3 years
Anti HIV-1 & 2 (ELISA)Negative
Anti HCV (ELISA)Negative
HBsAg Antigen (ELISA)Negative

For research use or further manufacturing purposes only




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