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Advy has been the pioneer in the development of antigens of human origin or from native sources.


Advy manufactures antigens of human origin or from native sources, which can be used either as standards and/or calibrators in various assay formats, as immunogens for raising antibodies and/or for laboratory based research & development.

The Purified Proteins department owes its success to a well-established collection network and a skilled and experienced manufacturing team.

We collect different types of Biomedical Waste Fluids (BMF) across India and this serves as the raw material to purify various antigens and proteins of human origin.

The collection is conducted as per the Biomedical Waste Handling Rules 1998 with required permissions from the Health Departments & Pollution Control Boards from various states. Stringent quality procedures are laid down to ensure appropriate collection, transport, storage, handling and disposal of BMF.



The Purified Proteins department is further enabled to customize and engage in new product development projects on request, ensuring timely execution to achieve an economical end product for its clientele.


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