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Trajan Scientific Acquires Neoteryx

January 2022 – As announced by Trajan Group Holdings Limited (ASX: TRJ) in early January from their headquarters in Australia, the company has acquired microsampling leader Neoteryx LLC. As reported by Trajan, the company acquired 100% of the shares in Neoteryx along with the remaining global operations through a share swap and cash payment arrangement. As part of the transition, Fasha Mahjoor, Founder and CEO of Neoteryx, will be stepping down from his leadership role and Stephen Tomisich, Founder and CEO Trajan, will step in as Acting CEO of Neoteryx. Transition activities to bring Neoteryx under the Trajan Scientific and Medical umbrella will continue through January 2022.

“This transaction will mark the moment that Trajan changed gear in driving the global

commercialization and adoption of microsampling at scale," said Tomisich in the initial news announcement. "Remote sampling is an essential element in progressing personalized, preventative and data-based healthcare."

Tomisich added that Trajan also is building tools around the entire microsampling workflow, from consumer portals to laboratory automation and lab functions. He stated that adding Neoteryx's Mitra® device based on VAMS® technology to Trajan's microsampling portfolio will help accelerate Trajan's contribution to its top line and also to the microsampling industry's growth over the next 3-5 years.

Departing Neoteryx CEO Fasha Mahjoor said, “I am extremely pleased to see my Neoteryx team find its next home in Trajan. Today Neoteryx is a global leader in blood microsampling thanks to a team that has achieved incredible progress in pioneering the pathway towards decentralized healthcare. I am very pleased to continue the journey as a Trajan shareholder, as I can clearly see a very bright future for the company.”

Trajan's goals for the future include providing a full tool set that enables development and deployment of complete workflow solutions, which is likely to increase wider adoption of microsampling worldwide. Tomisich added that bringing Neoteryx under the Trajan banner isn’t just about the device or products, it is also about the global Neoteryx team. It’s a dynamic leadership group based in the USA, UK and Europe with a combined 50 years of experience in remote specimen collection and microsampling.

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