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Item Description


A Rotisserie Style Tube Rotator that will accommodate nearly any type of tube rack.

  • No More taking your tubes out of your racks and placing them on some cumbersome clamp system, spinning them, then removing them from the clamps and putting them back in your tube racks. Leave your sample tubes in your favorite tube rack!
  • Place the whole tube rack inside the Spin Dr. and spin your tubes.
  • 2ml, 10ml, 15ml, 50ml....size of tube doesn’t matter, if the rack fits, spin it!
  • Stack your 96-well plates inside the Spin Dr. and spin plates.

The specially designed Spin Dr platform will adjust vertically to accommodate any height tube rack or plates measuring from 0.825" high to 6.5" high. The clamping platform will also accommodate racks up to 14" wide.

The lead screw design of the platform makes certain that no matter what size tube rack you secure in the Spin Dr the load is always centered.

The Spin Dr platform is foam lined to gently and securely hold your tube racks in place during spinning.

Operational speed is about 3 rpm up to 100 rpm.

Designed to operate inside high humidity CO2 incubators up to 40o C. or cold rooms down to 0°C.

Product Specifications:
Input Power -115V or 230V
Unit Dimensions -11"H x 9.5"W x 26.75"L
Platform Dimensions -6.25"W x 14"L
Platform opening adjustable from -0.825" High to 6.5" High
Max load -12 Lbs.
Operating Environment -0°C to 40°C. High humidity (non-condensing) CO2 incubator or cold room/refrigerator


Safety Information


  • Please read this manual carefully, and in its entirety, prior to operating the Spin Dr.
  • This manual contains important operating and safety information.
  • To avoid possible injury, this product should only be used for its intended purpose.


Package Contents and Unpacking


  • Upon receiving this product carefully inspect the outer packaging for evidence of damage during shipping. If the outside packaging is damaged contact the shipper/carrier immediately and file a claim for damages. If you urchased the product through a Distributor, contact the Distributor immediately to report the damages. You may also contact IBI Scientific at 800-253-4942 or
  • Awareness of the stated cautions and warnings, compliance with recommended operating parameters and maintenance requirements, all stated in this operation manual are important for safe and satisfactory operation of the Spin Dr.
  • Items contained in the package
  • SDRAA115S = Spin Dr Tube Rotator – 115v
  • Power cord
  • Operation manual
  • SDRAA220S = Spin Dr Tube Rotator – 230v
  • Power cord
  • Operation manual
  • Save all packing material and this Operation Manual. If your product should be received damaged or have some other rare issue, the packaging may be used to return the product.
  • Your Spin Dr. tube Rotator was tested, inspected and carefully packaged prior to leaving the factory. Responsibility for its safe delivery was assumed by the carrier upon acceptance of the shipment therefore, claims for loss or damage to this product sustained during transit must be made with the carrier.


Product Specifications


Unit Dimensions11"9.5"26.75"
Platform Dimensions 6.25"14" (usable)
Platform OpeningMin: 0.8245"Max: 6.5" 

Unit weight: 14.8 lbs.

Max Load: 12 lbs.

Rotating speed:Min: approx. 3 rpm Max: 100 rpm.

Operating Temp:0 – 40C Unit can be operated in CO2 incubator with 95% non-condensing humidity.

Electrical (SPRAA115S) 115vac Power: 70W Fuse: 630ma


The Spin Dr. tube rotator is designed to operate in range of temperatures and environmental conditions. This unit can be operated inside a CO2 incubator at 95% non-condensing humidity and inside a cold room or refrigerator. Operational temperatures are 0o C to 40o C. The unit can also be operated in ambient conditions on the laboratory counter.

Warning: Make certain all other items are clear of the spinning platform of the Spin Dr. unit.


Electrical Connection

designed to pass through the door gasket of your incubator without compromising the environment inside the incubator.

Warning Never remove or cut the ground pin from the power cord.

Making certain you have adequate power: Determine the total amount of power presently being used by other lab equipment operating on the same circuit. The typical current demand for the Spin Dr. unit is 0.5 amps. It is critical that the added power requirement of the Spin Dr. does not cause the total power demand on the circuit to exceed the rated value of the circuit wiring or fuse at the breaker box.

Again, a certified electrician can determine the requirements and assure a safe operational circuit.

Unit Fuse: The fuse that is supplied with the Spin Dr. unit is a 5 x 20mm Slo-Blo fuse.

The fuse is rated for 115v and 630mA. Should you need to replace this fuse at some point in the life of the product. The above fuse parameters will be needed when acquiring a replacement fuse.

Note: To verify the electrical parameters for your unit, view the information on the spec plate found on the rear of the Spin Dr. unit.


Always unplug the power cord prior to physically moving the Spin Dr. unit. When moving the unit, lift the product by grasping the metal base of the unit on opposite ends. Refrain from lifting the unit by grabbing the acrylic rotating platform.



The Spin Dr. rotator is designed to rotate many types of apparatus on an adjustable rotisserie style platform. The unit allows the user to leave tubes in their designated holder and rotate the entire holder thus alleviating having to remove the tubes from a tube holder, place them on the rotator and then remove from the rotator and place them back in the holder.

The rotisserie platform of the Spin Dr. has an adjustable height ranging from a minimum space of 0.8245" all the way to 6.5". Thus accommodating numerous types and sizes of holders including:

  • 50ml Tube holders
  • 15ml tube holders
  • 2ml tube holders
  • Blood tube holders
  • 96-well plates
  • 384-well plates

The unit platform has usable space measuring 6.25" deep x 14" wide. This allows for the stacking of numerous large tube holders, trays, or plates that can be rotated simultaneously.







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