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SYNC Nucleic Acids Extraction System (S032)

SYNC Nucleic Acids Extraction System (S032)

Covid-19 Solutions/Auto Machine


The SYNC Nucleic Acids Extraction System utilizes the unique characteristic of magnetic beads bonding with nucleic acid under a specific environment to purify the target nucleic acid samples. The purification protocol includes four basic steps: sample lysis, nucleic acid binding, wash and elution. Using SYNC Nucleic Acids Extraction System, the majority of nucleic acid purification processes will be done automatically and it dramatically reduces the human error and use the lab force much more efficiently.
Using with the Geneaid Magnetic Beads Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Plate Kit, viral DNA/RNA such as SARS-COV-2, HBV, HCV and HIV would be automatically purified from nasopharyngeal swabs and plasma specimens. The purified viral DNA/RNA can be directly used for subsequent qRT-PCR detection.





Specifications (Cat. # S032)

  • Model Name: SYNC Nucleic Acids Extraction System
  • Sample Processing: 1 - 32 samples per batch
  • Reagent Type: Geneaid 96 well magnetic beads nucleic acid extraction plates
  • Control Interface: 10-inch touch panel
  • Heat Block Temperature: Room temperature to 80°C
  • Mixing Speed: 3 adjustable speeds
  • Mixing Depth: Adjustable, based on reagent volume
  • Collection Efficiency: 100 copies/ml
  • Inter-WellPurification Accuracy: CV <3%



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