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Model Number SK-100


  • Cost-effective and non-invasive method for capturing DNA samples
  • Easy to use funnel fits on to collection tube.
  • 2ml saliva stabilization buffer to preserve integrity of DNA
  • Maintains DNA stability at room temperature for several days and stable at +4°C for up to a month
  • Standardized for high throughput processing and automated liquid handling
  • Typical DNA yields following IBI DNA Extraction Method = 100 µg
  • Optimized for use in either genetic or epigenetic analyses
  • Fully tested for use with Behavioral Diagnostic, Inc.’s Smoke Signature™ Assay


The IBI Saliva Collection Kit is designed to easily capture and store saliva samples deposited directly from patients. This saliva kit is optimized for use in epigenetic studies.

Kit includes funnel that easily attaches to the 10ml collection tube containing 2ml of saliva stabilization solution. The 10ml saliva collection vial carries a label clearly showing the level at which saliva needs to be deposited and also contains a bar code for easy tracking. This saliva collection kit is designed for use in high throughput automated liquid handling systems and is ideal for epigenetic studies and genetic studies.

Saliva samples are much more cost-effective to ship than blood samples; they can be shipped to a processing center via UPS or FedEx per applicable shipping regulations. (SeeUPS Biological SubstancesorFedEx - Packaging Guidelines for Clinical Samplesfor details.) The DNA in the saliva sample is stable at room temperature for several days, but suggested storage is at +4°C for up to a month until DNA extraction can be performed.

A standard ethanol precipitation DNA extraction method can be used on the subsequent saliva sample. This simple protocol typically yields 100 µg of DNA from a 5 ml saliva specimen. The resulting DNA is suitable for nearly all downstream applications and optimized for epigenetic analyses, i.e. Smoke Signature™. (Smoke Signature™ Assay—developed by Behavioral Diagnostics, Inc. (BDI)—is a new epigenetic test for quantifying cigarette smoking.)

IBI Saliva Collection Kits are factory packaged and ready for use. They are available in a wide range of quantities including a single kit up to packs of 50.


Kit Contents:

1 xcollection funnel and 10ml tube containing saliva stabilization solution.

1 x instruction manual for use of IBI saliva collection kit.


IBI Saliva Collection KitInstructions



  • Technical Information

IBI Saliva Collection Kit - Comparison of DNA Quality with Competitive Products

Smoke Signature™ Assay - Information Sheet




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