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NU-CLEAN G25 W/STE Model Number IB06060

NU-CLEAN G25 W/STE Model Number IB06060


Model Number IB06060


  • Item Description
  • Retention of unincorporated NTPs: up to 90%
  • Operation time: up to 10 minutes
  • DNase- and RNase-free

The Nu-Clean D25/Sephadex, G-25 centrifuge spin columns are intended for use in desalting, recovering DNA fragments (>12mer), and removing unincorporated radiolabeled deoxynucleoside triphosphates (dNTPs) from end-labeling reactions and fill-in labeling reactions utilizing a DNA polymerase. After brief centrifugation, the purified nucleic acid is recovered from the column without significant change in volume. For optimum sample recovery and purification when preparing biotinylated probes, use NU-CLEAN spin coluns with the “B” designation.

Each DNase- and RNase-free column is prepackaged with Sephadex G-25 in sterile STE buffer. Two nuclease-free collection tubes (autoclavable) are supplied for each column. This product requires a swing bucket centrifuge rotor.


  • Specifications

Sample Size:Up to 100ul
Format:Gel filtration in spin column
Carrier Buffer:STE
G25 Sephadex inside spin column containing frit filter. Column capped on both ends.



  • Protocol

IB06060 Spin Column Protocol

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