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MagStrip Magnet Stand

MagStrip Magnet Stand

MagStrip Magnet Stand

magnetic separation stand with strong magnets designed for work with magnetic beads-based kits used for manual nucleic acid extraction and clean-up applications.




Magnetic bead-based manual extraction, and clean-up of nucleic acids




  • Reliable separation of magnetic beads in the DNA and RNA solutions during extraction or clean-up of NA
  • Fast separation: strong magnets enable bead separation in less than 30 seconds
  • Manual operations enable low throughput protocols


MagStrip Magnet Stand is designed to simplify the manual processing of magnetic bead separations for nucleic acid purification and clean up. The stand can accommodate either 12 standard 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes. The use of magnetic separation devices is essential in any paramagnetic bead-based DNA and RNA purification process. Traditionally, magnetic separation devices are not optimized for manual use and most require electrically powered liquid handling systems. MagBio Genomics offers a set of magnetic separation devices equipped with strong magnets for a powerful and fast separation of magnetic beads from the solution. Our magnetic plates and stands are optimized for manual laboratory bench operations involved in magnetic-bead based nucleic acid purification workflows, and allow for an accelerated separation in less than 30 seconds, what reduces operation times and increases the purity of sample DNA and RNA, as no magnetic particles are left in the sample solution.


  • MagStrip Magnet Stand for processing of 12 x 1.5 ml volumes tubes


MagBio Genomics Product List 2020 (Size: 286.2 KB)

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