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  • Adjustable speed (2 – 38 RPM) with maximum load of 4 L of liquid
  • Standard platform is 12” x 12” and holds up to 20 lbs
  • Rollers adjust to fit 15 ml – 50 ml tubes or 1 L roller bottles

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The IBI Low Profile Roller is a lightweight unit designed as a compact, space saving, non-dedicated instrument. This unit will operate on a benchtop, inside high humidity and CO2incubators, high temperature ovens (60⁰ C), and refrigerators (0⁰ C). The IBI Low Profile Roller comes standard with six rollers in place for rotating three large cell culture bottles. The versatility of this unit allows the user to add up to five additional rollers quickly and easily. No tools are needed to move or add rollers. Moving rollers closer together or adding more rollers allows this system to roll small tubes from 15 mL to 50 mL. Rubber O-Rings to be placed on the small tubes are included with every unit.

The low profile design (23/4" overall height) provides a convenient fit into laboratory incubators, ovens, and refrigerated units. The thin, flat 115 V power cord fits easily through incubator doors without compromising the environment inside. An industrial grade chain drive provides years of trouble-free service. All product finishes are resistant to chemicals and easy to clean and sterilize. The rollers can be easily removed for simple cleaning and adjusting to accommodate different tube sizes. The cool-running, brushless DC motor creates no ozone, and the universal input voltage allows the unit to operate at 90 VAC to 240 VAC. The roller provides a wide operational temperature range (0-60⁰C), and the ability to operate in high humidity (up to 97%) and CO2.



Base Footprint:14.25” X 15”
Overall Height:2.75”
Height to top of rollers:2.38”
Unit weight:10.5 lbs
Shipping weight:13 lbs
Max load:4 liter of liquid
Electrical (Universal input):94 V – 240 V
Motor (Brushless DC):12 VDC
Operating temp. range:0°C – 60°C
Max. operating humidity (non-condensing):97%
Operates in C02incubator:Yes
Operational speed:2 – 38 rpm
Individual roller diameter:1.13”
Individual roller circumference:3.53”
Individual roller length:10”
Number of rollers included/ROLAAUV1S= 6
Max number of rollers unit will hold =11


Roller Operation Manual




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