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CAS#: 9012-36-6

  • Lower gelling and melting temperature than standard agarose
  • Lower gel strength than standard agarose while still easy to handle
  • Higher gel transparency than standard agarose
  • Greater sieving capacity than standard agarose
  • Separates and finely resolves molecules >1000bp
  • DNase- and RNase-Free

IBI Low Melting Point Agarose is designed for preparative DNA and RNA electrophoresis, cloning of tissue culture cells and viral plague assays, and fragment recovery following electrophoresis. The lower gelling point and melting point when compared to Standard Agarose allows quick and thorough digestion during extraction procedures and easy in-gel manipulations.

IBI Low Melting Point Agarose is derived by organic synthesis, which generates methoxylate groups from the basic agarose structure. This produces the lower melting and gelling temperatures when compared to standard agarose. The lower gelling temperature ensures the agarose will be in a liquid state at a temperature range where in-gel manipulations can be performed without prior extraction of the DNA or RNA from the gel slice.

Combining IBI Low Melting Point Agarose with IBI PCR/Gel extraction kits provides an economical and high performance nucleic acid recovery system for when you have critical DNA molecules to recover after electrophoresis. The IBI PCR/Gel extraction kits can perform PCR Clean-up as well as Gel extraction, all from the same kit for as little as a $1.16 per/prep.


Physical Specifications
Clarity @ 1.5% (NTU):≤4
Gel Strength @ 1.5% (g/cm2):≥500
Gelling Temperature @ 1.5%:24°C - 28°C
Melting Temperature @ 1.5%:≤65.5°C

Molecular Biology Specifications
DNase assay:None Detected
RNase assay:None Detected
Protease assay:None Detected
Gel analysis assay:Pass
DNA Extraction assay:Pass

IB70050 - Specification Sheet


Low Melting Point Agarose - SDS



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