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Model Number KH-10


Item Description

  • Provides protection for your Kimwipes® boxes
  • Comes with hardware for mounting on walls, cabinetry, or bench top
  • Constructed of durable cast acrylic

The KH-10 small universal Kimwipes® holder provides protection for your Kimwipes® boxes on your bench top while adding a bit of color to your lab. The holder is supplied with industrial strength double-sided tape, mounting screws, and skid proof rubber feet for mounting to the wall, sticking to cabinetry, or placing on your bench top. Constructed of durable cast acrylic, the Kimwipes® holder will provide you many years of use.

Additional Kimwipes® holders are available for medium and large sized boxes.

Made in the USA




Dimensions: 6.25”(W) x 3.75”(D) x 6.0(H)
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Kimwipes® Size: 4.5" x 8.375"
Kimwipes® holder can be mounted on wall or placed on counter top.
Made of cast acrylic.


  • Care & Instructions


Acrylic Product Instructions


Installation Instructions



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