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HighPrep™ DTR Clean-up System

HighPrep™ DTR Clean-up System

Magnetic beads based reagent for manual and automated Sanger sequencing reaction clean-up for both ABI and MegaBACE sequencing platforms.




Sanger sequencing reaction clean-up / dye terminator removal for:

  • Sanger sequencing on ABI platforms
  • Sanger sequencing on MegaBACE platforms




  • Rapid and reliable clean-up of sequencing reactions
  • High DNA recovery yields, long sequence readings
  • Flexible - can be used in any format
  • No centrifugation step, no filtration step
  • Adaptable to common liquid handling workstations


The HighPrep™ DTR Clean-up System is a high performance paramagnetic bead-based reagent for BigDye™ terminator removal from Sanger sequencing reactions for reliable and long readings of DNA sequences. The HighPrep™ DTR Clean-up System consists of a selective binding of DNA to the paramagnetic beads, followed with washing off nucleotides, primers, and non-targeted amplicons, and finally elution of pure DNA. HighPrep™ DTR Clean-up System is an excellent choice for both manual and fully automated purification of sequencing reaction products. The protocol can be adapted to common liquid handling workstation.


HighPrep™ DTR Clean-up System - Protocol (Size: 49.8 KB)

HighPrep™ DTR Clean-up System - Flyer (Size: 149.7 KB)

HighPrep™ DTR Clean-up System - MSDS (Size: 170.3 KB)


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