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HemaSure-OMICs Direct Draw Blood Stabilization Products.

HemaSure-OMICs Direct Draw Blood Stabilization Products.

What It's Used For

Extended Room Temperature Stabilization of Whole Blood – CTC, cfDNA, and RNA from the Same Sample!


              Sampling Diversity                                       Ambient Transport                                        Ambient Storage  



Mawi DNA Technologies introduces a groundbreaking product for ambient collection, stabilization, and transportation of whole blood samples. HemaSure-OMICs enables isolation of cfDNA, CTC, and RNA from the same sample. Collected cells are maintained intact, making them also suitable for FACS analysis.

Current blood stabilization technologies can contain hazardous formaldehyde or formaldehyde-like fixatives that stabilize cfDNA or CTC or RNA but not all three from the same sample. These types of fixatives are classified as hazardous and need to be handled with caution. Another drawback is that the stabilized cfDNA usually co-purifies with Human gDNA, making it more difficult to analyze. On top of all that, the maximum shelf life of stabilized CTC is no more than 72 hrs.

RNA is a crucial tool in advancing our understanding of health and disease in humans and animals. However, RNA is particularly fragile and degrades quickly as soon the cells leave the internal environment of the body, such as when blood is drawn. A reliable technology to stabilize the sample right after collection is needed to reduce the degradation rate and maintain RNA integrity for proper analysis. Currently, efficient stabilization of RNA in body fluids, cells or tissues requires expensive cold chain involvement or relatively toxic fixative, which increases the cost per sample and urgency for processing the sample, leaving very little room for error.

Whole blood can be a great source of stable RNA. However, commercially available whole blood collection tubes for RNA stabilization have a few limitations:

  • Limited blood volume collection (< 3 mL)
  • At most, allows 72 hrs stabilization when transported between 15° – 25° C
  • Complex and specialized RNA extraction procedures

To overcome these hurdles and enable widespread and efficient collection and analysis of whole blood Mawi DNA Technologies has developed the HemaSure-OMICs Collection Tube products.

HemaSure-OMICs Whole Blood Collection Tubes feature:

  • Non-toxic stabilization of whole blood; free of formaldehyde or formaldehyde-like ingredients
  • Validated for room temperature stabilization of viral DNA and RNA for several days in viral load and detection assays applicable to  HIV, MERS-CoV, 2019-nCoV and other DNA and RNA viruses
  • cfDNA (up to 14 days), CTC (up to 8 days), and RNA (up to 8 days) are stabilized at room temperature in the same blood tube (temperature range of 25° – 45° C)
  • Available in 3, 6, and 9 mL plastic vacuum filled blood collection tubes as well as a 250µl microtainer for blood drops for easy shipping and durability
  • Compatible with any commercially available manual or automation-enabled kits for purification of cfDNA and CTC from whole blood. Please contact us for recommended RNA extraction protocols.

Product Listing

Part No.



HemaSure-OMICS-3HemaSure OMICs Blood Stabilization Direct Draw Tube, 3ml50 Tubes/Pack
HemaSure-OMICS-6HemaSure OMICs Blood Stabilization Direct Draw Tube, 6ml50 Tubes/Pack
HemaSure-OMICS-9HemaSure OMICs Blood Stabilization Direct Draw Tube, 9ml50 Tubes/Pack
HemaSure-OMICS-250HemaSure OMICs Blood Stabilization Microtainer, 250ul50 Tubes/Pack


HemaSure-OMICs Direct Draw Blood Stabilization

HemaSure OMICS Datasheet
HemaSure Collection Protocol




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