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  • DEPC treated to inactivate the RNAse
  • 0.1 µm sterile-filtered into certified-clean polycarbonate bottles
  • Steam-sterilized (autoclaved twice)
  • 18.2 Megohm deionized
  • Available in multiple sizes; sold individually and in multi-bottle cases
  • Applications: PCR, RT-PCR, restriction enzyme assays, modifying enzyme assays, transfection, cloning, transformation, and all general molecular biology lab procedures.

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IBI DEPC Treated Water is ideal for all applications in a molecular biology lab including PCR, RT-PCR, restriction enzyme assays, modifying enzyme assays, transfection, cloning, transformation and all general molecular biology lab procedures. DEPC water is specifically developed for use in RNA assays due to the inactivity of RNAse during DEPC treatment.

IBI DEPC Treated Water is manufactured under stringent conditions. The purification process for this 18.2 megohm product includes continuous deionization, reverse osmosis, UV-treatment, 0.1 µm filtration, followed by steam sterilization in final packaging.

Our unique water purification process involves sterile-filtration through a 0.1 µm filter- the smallest filter (pore) size available- thus, removing all bacteria, viruses, and pyrogens. Sterility is further maintained by sterile-filtering directly into an aseptic polycarbonate bottle (or container). These FDA-approved polycarbonate bottles are non-leaching and allow for IBI water products to be autoclaved in its final packaging, ensuring terminal sterilization. Unlike PET bottles, IBI polycarbonate bottles can be autoclaved multiple times. If compromised sterility of an open product is a concern, our polycarbonate bottles allow for re-autoclaving to inactivate any contaminating nucleases. Re-autoclaving can be done on the liquid cycle at 121°C/15 psi. (Be sure to slightly disengage the lid during the autoclave cycle.)

Treating ultrapure water with DEPC inactivates RNAse which can degrade RNA in valuable samples. After DEPC treatment, the water is autoclaved to eliminate the bi-products of the DEPC treatment. If you’re using specific enzymes or reverse transcriptase, you require water that doesn’t contain RNAse which can interfere with RNA that may be the focus of your research.

Sterility of water is measured by the Sterility Assurance Level (SAL). IBI DEPC Treated Water maintains the highest level of sterility with a SAL=10-6 . Thus, the chance of a living organism being contained in the water is one in a million. In order to maintain sterility, only open this product in a sterile environment, i.e. clean room, tissue culture fume hood, etc.

After manufacturing we test our water for up to three days. Each lot is individually assayed to ensure that it meets the stated specifications prior to being released from quality control.

IBI can provide DEPC Treated Water in single lot quantities and an array of packaging options from 125 ml sterile bottles to 55 gallon sterile drums. Just email us at and we would be happy to assist you in developing the product that best fits your application.


The document below serves as a specification sheet and certificate of analysis for all DEPC Treated water products


DEPC Treated Water Analysis Sheet

DEPC-Treated Water-SDS


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