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CavSwab™ AN, OP and NP Flocked Swabs

CavSwab™ AN, OP and NP Flocked Swabs

AN, OP and NP Flocked Swabs with Allium™ Flock Technology.

Individually-sealed, sterile, flocked swabs for collecting SARS- CoV-2 and other clinical specimens with patient and physician comfort in mind.


Product Principle
  • Allium™ flock technology that gives our nylon fibers a unique ability to adapt to the direction the swab is being pushed/pulled, resulting in less friction and an overall more pleasant experience for both the medical professional and the patient.
  • Notched shaft increases grip and dexterity while also reducing the amount of stress on the practitioner.
Simple Convenience
  • 85.4 mm (fits most standard 5mL, 10mL, 12mL, 15mL tubes)

For the collection of nasal clinical specimens, including SARS-CoV-2.


  • Tilt patient head back and insert swab into nostril until stopper touches the outside of the nose.
  • Once swab is in place, rotate in a circular motion 2 times and keep in place for 10-15 seconds for optimal sample collection.
  • Remove swab from patient and insert tip into an acceptable viral transport medium.
  • Break swab shaft against the side of the tube, and close the lid.
  • Transport specimen to testing laboratory. 


FDA Status
Manufacturer and product registered, listed, and FDA compliant


Not available in all countries; please inquire.

Manufactured by MedSchenker


ProductQtyItem #
CavSwab AN Swab2,000 [Case]10-000-037
CavSwab OP Swab2,000 [Case]10-000-035
CavSwab NP Swab2,000 [Case]10-000-033



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