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  • Item Description


  • Two large doors to provide easy access to internal work for the user
  • Can be used as a fully enclosed area, or fully accessible workstation
  • User's vision is unobstructed from every angle
  • Hinged doors - easy-to-use door latches and skid-proof rubber feet
  • When workstation is not in use, the doors can be closed to store radioactive material without worry of dangerous beta emmissions of 32P, 35S, 3H and 14C escaping
  • Constructed of heavy-duty 1/2" clear cast acrylic


Physical Specifications



Outer Dimensions: 28.5”(W) x 20.63”(D) x 20.75(H)
Weight: 57 lbs.
Made of ½” thick cast acrylic.

Acrylic Product Instructions



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