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  • Adjustable speed (0 – 100 RPM) and platform pitch control (0 – 8°)
  • Standard platform is 7” x 7” and holds up to 5 lbs
  • Operates in cold rooms and CO2incubators (0 – 60⁰C)
  • Comes with: flat 115 V power cord, round 220 V power cord (European), white silicone mat, and operation manual

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The IBI Scientific Belly Button® Shaker is a compact version of The Belly Dancer® shaker. Designed with available space in mind, the Belly Button shaker has an 8” x 8” foot print and an overall height of only 5 inches. The easily adjustable speed and platform pitch angle controls provide a wide range of agitation conditions, from extremely gentle to vigorous. The Belly Button® Shaker is an exceptionally simple liquid agitation system consisting of an orbiting platform flexibly anchored at four corners so that the platform motion, when adjusted by the platform pitch control collar, is an extremely effective combination of rocking platform and orbital shaker. One dimensional shakers do not have the versatility and range of application that result from the variable speed and adjustable platform pitch of The Belly Button® Shaker.

The Belly Button® Shaker has a simple, durable construction and is made of chemically resistant materials including stainless steel and anodized aluminum parts with a high bake ester finish on the case. The Belly Button® Shaker comes with a removable, washable non-skid platform mat. The thin, flat 115V power cord reaches external outlets without damaging incubator or refrigerator gaskets. The platform can easily be adjusted with the platform pitch control collar from level motion to an 8° pitch. The Belly Button® Shaker can hold up to 5 lbs with extremely quiet operation. The ambient operating temperature range is 0°C to 60°C in high humidity, dry incubators, CO2incubators, and refrigerated units. The speed varies from 6 to 100 rpm with no cogging at slow speeds.

The Belly Button® Shaker is ideal for use in cell culture and tissue culture applications, immunoprecipitation, Northern and Southern Hybridizations, Western Blotting and membrane rinsing, phage elution, amplification of cDNA Libraries, and staining and de-staining gels.

An accessory urethane tube mat is available for stabilizing small tubes from 10ml to 50ml.

The Belly Button® Shaker was previously manufactured by Stovall Scientific. All accessories and replacement parts are compatible with the Stovall Belly Button® Shakers.



Base Footprint:8” x 8”
Standard platform:7” x 7”
Overall Height:5.25”
Unit weight:5 lbs
Shipping weight:7 lbs
Max weight on platform:5 lbs
Electrical (Universal Input):94 – 240 V
Motor (Brushless DC)12VDC
Operating temp. range:0°C – 60°C
Max. operating humidity (non-condensing):97%
Operates in C02 incubator:Yes
Operational Speed:0 – 100 RPM
Platform pitch:0° – 8°


Operation Manual



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