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Bead Beating Tube Type A (Bacteria)

Bead Beating Tube Type A (Bacteria)

Bead Beating Tube Type A (Bacteria)

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Lysozyme is most often used for lysing bacterial cells by hydrolyzing the peptidoglycan present in the cell walls. However, our bead beating tubes offer an efficient ready-to-use alternative to harsh enzymes. The bead beating tubes are pre-filled with zorconia/silica beads for added convenience. Simply add your bateria sample into the bead tube and attach to a bead beating instrument. If this type of instrument isn't available, the bead beating tubes can be taped directly to a standard vortex.




  • ready-to-use prefilled tubes
  • efficient bacteria cell lysis without harsh enzymes
  • zirconia/silica beads
  • certified DNase/RNase Free
  • improved sample homogenization
  • compatible with bead beating instruments


lysing bacterial cells by effectively disrupting the peptidoglycan layer present in the cell walls




Product NamePCSCatalogue Number
Bead Beating Tube Type A (Bacteria)50 BB0108 
Bead Beating Tube Type B (Yeast)50 BY0508 
Bead Beating Tube Type C (Soil)50 BS0512


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