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Model Number IB01351


  • Ready-to-use DNA Ladder (pre-mixed with loading dye)
  • Suitable for sizing double-stranded DNA from 250 bp to 10 Kb with enhanced intensities at 1 Kb and 3 Kb
  • Concentration: 2.5 µg / 25 µl; (Recommended loading: 0.5 µg or 5 µl)

The IBI 1 Kb DNA Ladder, containing 13 linear double-stranded DNA fragments, is suitable for sizing double-stranded DNA from 250 bp to 10,000 bp. The 1 Kb DNA Ladder is a unique combination of a number of proprietary plasmids digested with appropriate restriction enzymes and PCR products to yield 13 fragments, suitable for use as molecular weight standards for electrophoresis. The enhanced intensities of the 1 Kb and 3 Kbfragments were designed for quick and easy determination of electrophoresis results.

The IBI 1 Kb DNA ladder comes ready to use, no diluting necessary. Pre-mixed with 6 X loading dye made up of bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol FF.

Ships cold on blue ice and can be stored at 25°C for 6 months, 4°C for 12 months and -20°C for 2 years.


Product Specifications:

Product Size:2.5 µgVolume:25 µlConcentration:100 µg/mlRecommended Loading:0.5 µg (5 µl)Number of Gel Lanes:5 applicationsSize Range:250 bp to 10,000 bpNumber of Bands:13Bands with Enhanced Intensity:1 Kb and 3 KbReady to Load:YesGel Compatibility:Agarose gelsTracking dyes:Bromophenol blue, xylene cyanol FFStorage Conditions:25°C (6 months), 4°C (12 months), -20°C (24 months)Shipping Conditions:Approved for shipping at room temperature or dry iceComponents:• 1 Kb DNA ladder (2.5 µg, 100 µg/ml, pre-mixed loading dye, ready-to-use) • 6 X DNA loading dye for sample loading

1 Kb DNA Ladder - Specification Sheet



1 Kb DNA Ladder - SDS

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