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BIOMED NEWS "Supporting Science Works Hands On Museum"

Biomed Diagnostics and Oregon Bioscience support Science Works Hands On Museum.

Image courtesy of Science Works Hands On Museum

Science Works offers hands-on STEM education for students in Southern Oregon, and for the community at large. Science Works is truly a novel innovator in the museum world, and a regional treasure, offering an Immersive, interactive experiences in science – especially for young kids – to cultivate a sense of curiosity that last a lifetime and lays the foundation for a career in the sciences.

The Museum also supplements STEM education and field science experience, providing classes, camps, and programs to students and teachers in the community. It is also a platform for “hands-on” science for the public to experience the wonder of science.

Biomed sponsored a microbiology lab program for the Museum, to provide students a unique experience with the wonders of microbes and culture diagnostics. Biomed provided a grant for the Museum to purchase 6 microscopes. Biomed also provided lab supplies such as petri dishes and our novel InTray culture diagnostic tests. The microscopes have been used in their education programs and public events. The Museum attracts thousands of visitors from across the country, and international visitors to Southern Oregon.

Oregon Bioscience Association will feature Science Works Hands on Museum and Biomed Diagnostics this week, on their MAKERS AND [bio]MARKERS program, with an interview with Erin Childress, Executive Director of the Museum and Ash Friend, Education Director of the Museum.

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