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The Mitra® 96-Autorack by neoteryx

process hundreds or thousands of mitra microsamples per day

The Mitra® 96-Autorack™ enables any lab to process microsamples in a high throughput manner - whether for plate building or extracting multiple samples at one time, or both!


Our 96-Autorack™ allow for the reformatting of  Mitra® samples, for rapid

accessioning and extraction. Experiment with a variety of extraction methods in 

multiple 96-Autorack to quickly identify solvent combination and agitation 

techniques that yield highest efficiencies. these racks are compatible with 96-

cannel pipettors and liquid handing workstations like the INTEGRA VIAFLO


Common 96-Autorack Uses

Plate Building and Extractions 

Mitra® Collection Kits are a convenient and economical remote specimen collection solution. They dramatically improve the participant experience and potential recruitment pool for clinical trials, making the process easier for people who can't travel or those who live in rural or low-resource areas.

Method Development

Experiment with a variety of extraction methods using fully loaded 96-Autoracks™ to quickly identify solvent combinations and agitation techniques that yield highest efficiencies.

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