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First conceived in 1989, Biomed Diagnostics is the resulting collaboration of two physicians who found themselves vulnerable without the necessary equipment during a mercy mission in Central America. Without the necessary refrigeration, practical supplies and laboratory instrumentation to identify which organisms were causing illness in local residents, they set about researching and developing innovative point of care devices with could be easily packaged and contained.

Their efforts over a 7-year pursuit culminated in the first InPouch® and InTray® culture systems. These fully enclosed tools provided an in-field solution to human and animal infections in third-world countries, ranches and rural communities. In 1996 the patents were obtained by Robert Hall and Jane Hall, the founding partners of Biomed Diagnostics. Specimen collection, culturing and transport could now be done in a single device - allowing medical professionals to accurately detect and differentiate various pathogens.

Today… Biomed honors our origins and is dedicated to combating health threats around the globe by providing the CDC and global health organizations tools in the surveillance of antibiotic-resistant causing microorganisms.


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